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Digital Marketers: Become Your Sales Team’s Biggest Ally

Tenlo is a digital B2B marketing agency. We use data-driven marketing for lead generation and customer retention. Digital and sales tactics are aligned to drive more traffic to your website, trade show booth and sales team. Our passion for increasing a digital marketer's contribution to sales is pipeline marketing—a discipline focused on results.

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faster close rate with a content strategy tightly aligned to sales

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increase in conversion after landing page and message optimization

PPC & Digital Media

Frequently Solved Problems

  • How can I give my sales team better leads?


    Many B2B marketers focus on building high-volume lead lists, which create more work (and headaches) for the sales team. Sales spends more effort on no- or low-quality leads, which takes their time away from building meaningful relationships with high-potential customers. The solution is to focus on lead quality rather than quantity. By aligning digital marketing efforts with sales goals, Tenlo is able to capture only high-value leads and drive them through the sales pipeline faster.

  • How can I do more with my CRM data?


    CRM data gives B2B digital marketers the insights we need to more accurately target buyers and their influencers throughout the sales process. By delivering relevant and informative content, we help prospective B2B (and CPG) customers make purchase decisions faster, which helps the sales team improve their close rates.

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  • Why isn't our sales team converting more leads into actual customers?


    More than likely, the leads are lower quality and not in the market to buy. But there’s an easy way to fix that. Rather than building a high-volume lead list, we focus on capturing fewer, high-quality sales leads. Then, we use pipeline marketing to help the sales team quickly move these prospects through the sales funnel to close more sales and do it faster.

  • Why aren't my marketing technologies working?


    Martech isn’t an easy-button solution. Each technology in your stack must be designed to solve a specific pain point or provide an identified opportunity for measurable improvement. Without a clear reason for buying martech, it won’t be adopted within your company. Tenlo offers technology change management services to help businesses integrate technology with their digital marketing strategy.

  • How do I drive more traffic to our website?


    More customers than ever research on their own before ever talking to a salesperson. That’s what makes your website so important. During integrated planning, we determine the best tactics, such as paid search, email and SEO to drive more paid and organic traffic to your website. However, marketers often neglect the site structure itself. Through experience strategy, we set your website up for success by making it easy for visitors to quickly find the information they’re looking for and need to make a purchase decision.

  • Which marketing channels are most effective for my business?


    Every business is different, so we believe you should have your own custom channel plan. To determine your right digital marketing channels, we use a “Test > Optimize > Scale” approach. We use small, rapid tests to determine which channels are most effective to reach your ideal customers. We adjust and optimize as needed, and then scale your marketing in the high-performing channels to make the biggest impact for your business.

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Digital Marketing Case Studies

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"The team at Tenlo helped me generate better sales leads from our trade shows and extended their approach across our entire customer journey. We now get better leads, close more of them, and do it all faster."

Barry Campbell, VP of Marketing, Aquatherm

Barry Campbell, VP of Marketing, Aquatherm
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Tenlo is a B2B digital marketing agency that empowers companies to quickly win and retain high-value customers using pipeline marketing.

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