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3 Tips For Coronavirus Marketing


Due to uncertainty and restrictions, some businesses have needed to pause, pivot or cut spending all together. So now what?

Tessa Burg, Chief Technology Officer
April 7, 2020

Before the pandemic, you most likely led a high-functioning company poised for growth in 2020.  But due to uncertainty and restrictions, some businesses have needed to pause, pivot or cut spending all together.  So now what?  What does Coronavirus marketing and sales look like?

In times of uncertainty, there is comfort in establishing regular routines.  Focusing on what you can control today and regularly connecting with others in meaningful ways can give you a sense of security, purpose and – dare I say – happiness.

One certainty… your customers and clients will need your products, services and expertise after the pandemic.  Getting there, surviving until then, may not be easy, but below are 3 easy tips to guide your focus and inform your Coronavirus marketing and sales efforts.

And if you need some external perspective on whatever is keeping you up at night, check out our “Free Fridays” – our answer to helping people navigate Coronavirus marketing and sales.  We’ve been doing this for a few weeks and the ideas that have come out of the research and collaboration has been energizing.

3 Tips for Coronavirus Marketing 

1. Be Yourself

Let the staff on your sales and marketing teams be themselves. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, right now people require basic physiological and safety needs as well as psychological needs such as belongingness. Great salespeople are awesome at relationship-building and sincerely care about their customers. Give them the time and space to get on the phone, check in on clients—and just listen. Marketers are great storytellers and community-builders. They’ll find the “bright spots” during these trying times, and share stories and conversation that bring the community together.  

2. Collaborate

Encourage the sales and marketing teams to work together to support clients. The sales team can talk about the challenges that clients are facing, and marketers can share relevant stories they’ve heard and read. Together, the teams can determine if there there parallels and trends. They can track what they’re learning about your customers and their businesses. Plus, determine if there is anything your company can do to provide support and value, both short-term and in the long run.

3. Contribute

The phrase “we’re in this together” is continuously used. It’s a great expression. But sometimes it’s combined with a message that it’s “business as usual.” Make no mistake. There is nothing “usual” about our circumstances. Forging ahead with the same goals puts undue pressure on staff, and simply isn’t possible right now. Instead, rethink where your businesses expertise and people can serve your customers in new and different ways.  Deliver with heart, authenticity and with a singular purpose to benefit your customers.  This goodwill will benefit your team’s wellbeing and spirit now – while creating stronger relationships with your clients for the future.

What will our new day-to-day look like? How can we start supporting our clients differently today to help them adjust and survive—or even thrive?  To see some examples of bright spots in coronavirus marketing, check out my colleague Patty’s LinkedIn article.

You can also Download this PDF of my daily sales and marketing routine to see how I’m staying sane and productive (with business, marriage and home schooling).  Best of luck and we hope to “see” you soon!

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In her previous role as Vice President of Technology, Tessa helped clients execute engaging, multi-platform experiences and products to bring their brands to life. Moving into her role as CTO, Tessa oversees Mod Op’s technology stack to ensure the agency is leveraging the right platforms to deliver valuable and measurable marketing communications, entertainment and experiences.

Tessa Burg, Chief Technology Officer

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