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Who We Are

Sales Target

Win High-Value Customers With Digital & Pipeline Marketing

Tenlo has a specialized team of digital and pipeline marketers. We focus on engaging only your high-value prospects with relevant buyer experiences that get results.

  • Boost conversion rates
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Increase customer lifetime value


qualified leads in 30 days


higher traffic and conversion in 6 months


execution time compared to previous agencies or internal teams

Why us?

We have creative ideas that we transform into positive business outcomes

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Top Rated in 2022 | Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Cleveland, OH

Top Rated in 2022 | Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Cleveland, OH

Evaluated on more than 25 variables across Qualifications, Experience, Reputation and more, Tenlo was rated a Top Digital Marketing Agency in Cleveland in 2022 by

team members planning Tenlo

How Tenlo Got Its Start

Tenlo is an AMG company. Our parent company was incubating different marketing approaches designed to accelerate prospects through the sales pipeline to close sales faster. This approach, coined pipeline marketing, was such a game changer for clients that AMG chose to roll out a company devoted to the practice. That’s when Tenlo was born.

Incubation: tested different marketing approaches
Acceleration: drove prospects through the sales pipeline
Conversion: started closing sales faster than ever
Devotion: committed to digital and pipeline marketing

Our Team

You won’t find any “generalists” at Tenlo. Each person you work with has a unique and focused skillset. And since our team structure is virtually flat, you always work with our “A” team.

Kip Botirius - CEO
Kip Botirius


Tessa Burg - VP of UX & Technology Strategy
Tessa Burg

Chief Technology Officer

Crystal Madrilejos - VP of Creative Strategy
Crystal Madrilejos

VP of Creative Strategy

Sue Monahan - Creative Director
Sue Monahan

Creative Director

Cheryl Boehm - Director of Copywriting
Cheryl Boehm

Director of Copywriting

Sabin Boruz - Web Technologist
Sabin Boruz

Web Technologist

Amanda Guentzler - Client Strategist
Amanda Guentzler

Client Strategist

Sean Hirsch - Designer
Sean Hirsch

UX Designer

Tom Madrilejos - UX/UI Designer
Tom Madrilejos

Brand & Product Strategist

Mike Milan - Front-End Developer
Mike Milan

Front-End Developer

Jason Nicolacakis - Client Strategist
Jason Nicolacakis

Client Strategist

Karen Smidansky - Office Manager
Karen Smidansky

Office Manager