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B2B Digital Marketing Guide: Strategies To Improve ROI


Download "The B2B Revolution" to discover how to use B2C tactics—such as social media, marketing automation and machine learning—to enhance your B2B digital marketing strategy and ROI.

Kip Botirius, CEO
December 16, 2019

Improve ROI With Key B2B Digital Marketing Tactics

B2B marketing and sales tactics use to revolve solely around relationships. But the modern buyer’s journey is increasingly digital. B2B companies now have opportunities to connect with prospects where they spend the majority of their time: online.

However, B2B buying is complicated by longer sales cycles, more touch points, and many more decision makers. All these factors make many B2B marketers hesitant to fully embrace digital marketing tactics.

Download “The B2B Revolution” to discover how you can take key learnings from B2C and apply them to B2B to enhance your digital marketing strategy.

Topics Covered in This eBook

  • Going Beyond: How B2B Is Using B2C’s Digital Tactics — Just Better
  • Using B2C Tactics to Create an Engaging Digital Strategy
  • Using Paid Search and Paid Social for Maximum Impact
  • Mastering SEO for Maximum Awareness
  • Creating Content for Maximum Results
  • Bringing It All Together for More Relevance, Faster Sales

B2B Revolution Guide

How to use B2C digital marketing tactics in B2B – only better

With 20+ years of experience in digital marketing and account services, Kip leads a diverse team built to develop strategies for successful marketing and brand-building for clients.

Kip Botirius, CEO

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