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How can I drive more traffic to my B2B website?

[Video] How to Boost B2B Website Traffic with Google Image Search

  • Disappointed by the amount of traffic to your company’s website?
  • trending_flat
  • Frustrated by your low Google image ranking on search results?
  • trending_flat
  • Struggling to keep up with changing Google SEO algorithms?

Watch this video to learn how to optimize your visual content and drive more traffic to your website.

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Google Images Generate More Search Traffic Than Amazon, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook Combined

Learn How to Optimize Your Visual Content to Increase Your Website Traffic

This webinar recording will help you uncover the untapped potential of existing imagery on your B2B website. You’ll learn quick, easy steps to improve your company’s visibility and Google image ranking. Plus, you’ll discover how to optimize your website to meet image requirements of SEO algorithms.

Making small changes to your visual content can help you get a higher page rank in Google image search and drive even more visitors to your website.

What You’ll Get Out of This Webinar Recording:

  • Image optimization best practices you can start right away
  • Simple strategies to leverage existing visual content on your company's website
  • Tips to meet requirements of SEO algorithms

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"Share the infographic above with your team to emphasize the importance of optimizing visual content on your website."

Abbi Plunkett, SEO Specialist at Tenlo