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The Intersection of Content Strategy & SEO


3 benefits of combining content strategy and SEO in B2B marketing. Increase your marketing team’s value with SEO-optimized content strategy.

Tessa Burg, Chief Technology Officer
February 17, 2021

Should I prioritize content strategy or SEO? That’s a question I often hear from B2B marketers. But it’s really a trick question. That’s because I believe content strategy and SEO are equally important.

The success of your content strategy is determined by several things:

  • How easily customers can find your content
  • How well the content answers questions and meets their expectations
  • How well content compels customers to take an action that continues your relationship—download, sign up, request demo, etc.

All of these success factors require SEO.

Content strategy and SEO have a symbiotic relationship. Here are 3 of the main benefits of combining content strategy and SEO together in your B2B marketing.

1. More Relevant Traffic

SEO keywords directly reflect the topics, trends, products and businesses that your customers care about most. The tighter your content aligns with the actual questions your target audience is typing into a search engine, the more times your content and website will appear to them as the answer.

Increase relevant traffic to your website by 20% simply by implementing SEO

2. Higher Quality Leads

Not all traffic is created equal. This is especially true for B2B marketers. We must often weed out or manage visibility against B2C websites. Effective SEO keyword research paired with user experience (UX) research will align the right keywords, content and experience to the right audience.

Improve the quality of website traffic and you can increase your onsite conversion rate by 15% or more

3. Lower Cost Per Conversion & Cost Per Leads

When your content aligns to the answers your customers are searching for, it’s time to distribute it to more channels. This includes social media, industry publications and partner websites. They offer free and paid options to host your content and provide highly valuable backlinks to your website.

Not all backlinks give you your organic SEO a boost. However, your click-through and conversion rates in paid channels will increase. This is a result of using SEO keyword research to distribute highly relevant content.

An increase in click-through and conversion rates can decrease your cost-per-lead by $25+


Creating great content is the first step to an always-on digital presence that generates online visibility and high-quality leads. Combining that great content with SEO ensures that it aligns with top-of-mind trends and your audience’s questions.

An SEO-optimized content strategy gives your digital marketing the fuel to increase performance across channels—shortening sales cycles and increasing your marketing team’s value to your company.

Photo by Stephen Phillips – on Unsplash

In her previous role as Vice President of Technology, Tessa helped clients execute engaging, multi-platform experiences and products to bring their brands to life. Moving into her role as CTO, Tessa oversees Mod Op’s technology stack to ensure the agency is leveraging the right platforms to deliver valuable and measurable marketing communications, entertainment and experiences.

Tessa Burg, Chief Technology Officer

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