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B2B Lead Generation Agency

A good B2B lead generation agency does more than just increase inbound leads. It also captures leads faster and improves lead quality. At Tenlo, we even focus on sales and marketing alignment. We help marketers qualify and nurture leads, so the sales team can quickly convert prospects into customers. Our focus is driving B2B growth.

Every Year, It Gets Harder To Generate Inbound Leads

An Evolving Online Landscape Makes It Difficult To Track, Reach And Engage Prospects

When it comes to lead generation, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Too keep up with the changing online landscape, processes must be continually evaluated to determine what works—and what doesn’t. What’s more, we don’t believe in focusing solely on lead generation. For marketing to contribute to sales growth, we need a holistic strategy that includes nurturing leads and retaining customers.


Warm- & Cold-Calling Is Time-Consuming And Expensive

The primary goal of lead generation is to create a sales pipeline. To be effective, lead generation must consistently generate leads, capture the right leads and produce enough leads to be worth the time and effort. That’s difficult to do with cold-calling. With a lead generation process, marketers can fill the sales pipeline while salespeople focus on closing the sale.


Sporadic Email & Other Random Acts Of Marketing Don’t Get Results

It’s not time- or cost-efficient to call or email as many prospects as humanly possible. To grow market share, today’s lead generation tactics must integrate with all marketing and sales activities. This ensures they’re following the same strategy, business objectives and company values. The result is a seamless, valuable, measurable experience that turns prospects into customers.

An Effective Inbound Lead Generation Process Drives Results

Align With The B2B Customer Journey

Today’s buyers know their stuff. They research products and services before they even talk to a salesperson. That’s why modern lead generation must use data and insights to engage prospects using messaging that aligns with the buyer journey. Targeted content allows marketers to get in front of prospects, plus build and nurture the relationships. Measurable lead generation campaigns get results.


Overcome Barriers With A Strong Foundation Of Trust

Content marketing is useful for lead generation. Content not only attracts traffic to your website, but when done right, it also nurtures leads by overcoming their purchase barriers. When you consistently share relevant content covering pain points your prospects care about, you earn their trust. That lays the groundwork for strong relationships, which make it easier for salespeople to convert leads into customers.


Shorten Sales Cycles & Get Better Win Rates

An important part of a solid lead generation program is developing a solid lead scoring system. Ranking prospects shows the potential value each lead offers your B2B organization. This allows your company to prioritize leads. By focusing on valid prospects who are ready to buy, salespeople can close more sales faster and improve their win rates.


Show Marketing ROI & Contribution To Revenue

Today’s marketers are expected to deliver fully nurtured, sales-ready leads that contribute to company growth. That’s why we develop inbound marketing campaigns that align with your goals, technologies and teams. More importantly, the lead generation campaigns are trackable and measurable, so you can prove the value to your company.


When done right, a lead generation campaign uses a variety of digital marketing tactics that align with your sales team, trade shows, email and marketing automation to increase revenue.


Looking for a lead generation agency that specializes in capturing inbound leads?

Looking for a lead generation agency that specializes in capturing inbound leads?

What Goes Into A Great Digital Strategy?

Benefits Of Working With A B2B Lead Generation Agency

Make Marketing More Effective

Day-to-day tasks stretch in-house marketing teams to their limits. They’re responsible for managing everything from brands and campaigns to internal communications and social media. Outsourcing to a lead generation agency takes off the pressure. With Tenlo, you get support from a team of experts who will continually fill your pipeline.


Your Sales Team Can Focus On Closing

Two of the biggest challenges for sales people? Cold calls and rejection. Tenlo lead generation services help solve that. We focus on capturing and nurturing only leads that would make ideal customers and are in the market to buy. Since leads are already qualified, salespeople can spend their time and energy on what they do best—closing the sale.

Simplify Technology & Processes

There are many tools available to help you analyze your inbound marketing campaigns. So many, in fact, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to manage them all. At Tenlo, we design inbound marketing campaigns that make the most of your existing marketing technology. We also simplify campaign tracking for your internal team. Or, we can simply do it for you.


Constantly Fill Your Sales Pipeline

A strong sales pipeline is important to build a strong B2B business. At Tenlo, we can help you consistently grow your sales pipeline. We fill your pipeline with high-quality leads that are most likely to convert. This allows your salespeople to close more sales, increase customers, and decrease lost opportunities. The stronger the sales pipeline, the more likely you can reach or exceed your company’s revenue goals.

How To Develop An Effective Lead Generation Campaign

Our Strategic Process: Collaborate, Design, Launch

To deliver an effective lead generation campaign, we follow our proven 3-step process. We draw from our clients’ expertise to efficiently gather data and insights. We use that knowledge to create and execute a strategic lead generation campaign designed to quickly turn prospects into customers.

Tenlo strategic digital marketing process: collaborate, design, launch


  • Gather insights from your team, customers, digital tools and analytics
  • Clearly understand your current marketing and sales activities, business goals and measurements of success
  • Identify the prospects who are most likely to buy your product or service
  • Conduct digital landscape research to determine how your target audience searches, consumes information and processes transactions online
  • Organize research results and insights, and propose initial lead generation approach
  • Receive feedback on the approach and align with in-house marketing and sales resources as well as technology


  • Use insights to create a strategic lead generation campaign, which includes the right mix of earned, paid and owned tactics
  • Develop personas to represent your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers
  • Create a customer journey map to show the critical points of influence, engagement and decision
  • Outline the ideal user experience from initial contact to final conversion
  • Create a messaging framework with the value propositions for prospects throughout every stage of the buyer journey
  • Align on budget and forecast potential results against target KPIs


  • Design visual assets and write messaging for each tactic, creating versions for each audience and marketing channel
  • Align creative to the customer journey and KPIs
  • Create or reconfigure paid and owned media accounts as well as marketing automation and CRM platforms for data capture and measurement across the customer experience
  • Implement measurement and analytics across the journey
  • Traffic creative to the appropriate channels
  • Review data and business results
  • Apply learnings to optimize and edit creative based on performance
  • Share tests, run, results, learnings and next steps with clients
  • Present final results and final projected forecast

The Lead Generation Strategies & Tactics We Use At Tenlo

Tenlo offers specific digital marketing services focused on lead generation and lead nurturing. We customize ROI-driven campaigns using strategies and tactics that enable B2B companies to improve their sales pipeline.

Marketing Optimization

Many marketers start lead generation campaigns with the channels and think of each one independently. Not Tenlo. We always put your strategy first. This enables us to improve not only the performance of each tactic at key points in the buyer journey, but also your marketing efforts as a whole. Only then can you maximize marketing ROI.


SEO & PPC Campaigns

Improve your company’s online visibility and drive traffic to your website with SEO and PPC campaigns. Our services include everything from keyword research and on-page optimizations to campaign setup and management. We track analytics and optimize campaigns to ensure you generate leads from highly interested prospects.


Content Marketing

We create content that speaks directly to buyer motivators, needs, interests and pain points. This allows us to capture, engage, nurture and convert leads throughout the traditionally long B2B sales cycle. Our content covers the marketing to sales journey, contributing to overall business growth.

Email Marketing, Automation & CRM

We use your existing software to streamline, automate and measure email marketing campaigns. Leads are captured and nurtured, so they’re qualified for your sales team. Once a lead has moved to the bottom of the funnel, we integrate your existing CRM, allowing salespeople to manage their interactions and efficiently close sales.


Additional Lead Generation Services

Our integrated marketing plans address every aspect of a B2B company’s needs. We thoughtfully consider every aspect of your marketing efforts and ensure they work together to deliver maximum value. That’s why we offer lead generation services beyond the ones mentioned above, including:

  • Lead & Demand Generation
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Programmatic & Display Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • ABM Account Based Marketing


Every sales-oriented organization has unique challenges. But they all know one thing. To be successful, you must grow the sales pipeline to reach high-quality prospects, maintain a consistent number of leads and shorten the sales cycle.

Proving It - Digital Marketing Case Studies

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