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Digital Marketing Strategy

Receive a campaign plan that’s tailor-made for your business. Our cross-channel marketing approach integrates online and offline data. We identify quick-win opportunities to shorten your sales cycle, capture leads, retain more customers and increase revenue.

Why Do You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy?

Your Customers Are Anywhere & Everywhere

Today’s digitally driven buyers avoid your sales pipeline. They don’t want to be sold to. Instead, they research where they want, when they want and on their own. When buyers are ready to make a purchase, they demand value-based engagement. Buyers hold the power in the buying process. It’s time for sales and marketing to adapt to this modern buyer journey.


Digital Marketing Strategy Provides The Path To Sales Goals

A successful sales team must engage informed buyers when they’re ready for it. To do that, sales needs marketing. A strong digital strategy allows marketers to track a lead’s online behavior. Marketing can then provide the sales team with data-driven insights, so they shorten sales cycles by focusing only on prospects that are ready to buy.


Now More Than Ever, Marketing Must Drive Revenue

Marketers were once responsible for just building awareness. But today’s marketing is now an important part of the sales process. That’s why digital marketing campaigns must be treated as investments. They must support the end-to-end buyer experience and provide value at every step. Marketers are accountable for delivering fully nurtured and sales-ready leads to drive the company toward growth.


A digital strategy empowers you to shape, execute, measure and continually improve your marketing—and ultimately demonstrate its contribution to business growth.


Looking for a B2B marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing strategy?

Looking for a B2B marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing strategy?

What Goes Into A Great Digital Strategy?

The most important elements of a successful digital marketing strategy:
Goals, Tactics, Technology and Teams.

Understand The Goals

Our digital marketing strategy services start with clearly understanding your vision.

We can then develop a measurable, cohesive marketing plan. It will align with your internal goals, technology and teams to set your business up for growth.


Use Tactics Strategically

A marketing tactic that works for one client may not work for another. That’s why our strategic planning starts with research. We gather data to determine the tactics most effective for reaching your ideal customers, capturing leads and driving them through the sales funnel. Some of the insights we’ll visualize for you, include:

  • SEO Keyword Landscape
  • Search Engine Opportunity Map
  • Social Media & Paid Media Assessment
  • Cross-Channel Competitor Analysis
  • Customer Journey Map

Integrate Existing Technology

There’s an overwhelming amount of marketing technology. Once a tech stack is built, many marketers discover their tools and data are disconnected. We work with you to integrate martech, workflows and data to get a complete picture of your buyer and grow revenue.


Leverage The Right Teams

Do you need full marketing support? Have an internal marketing department? Want help aligning your sales and marketing teams? Our digital marketing strategy takes all of these things into account. We combine your expertise with our data-driven processes to create measurable digital strategies for your specific business goals and teams.


A strategic sales and marketing approach consists of joint efforts and unified goals that lead to bottom-line growth.



How To Develop An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

A Digital Marketing Strategy Is The Key To ROI

Your marketing tactics must work together. If not, they end up working against you. That’s why an integrated digital marketing strategy is critical to the success of today’s B2B companies.

Our Strategic Process: Collaborate, Design Execute

Our process for delivering a strategic plan is rooted in data and collaboration with the people we serve. The three phases of our strategic process produce insights, tactics, creative and data that are successfully scaled against a proven forecast.

Tenlo strategic digital marketing process: collaborate, design, launch


  • Gather insights from your team, customers, digital tools and analytics
  • Discover the challenges your marketing and sales teams face along with the opportunities
  • Clearly understand your current marketing and sales activities, business goals and measurements of success
  • Research competitors to determine target audiences, lead generation tactics and gaps
  • Receive or identify the prospects who are most likely to buy your product or service
  • Conduct digital landscape research to determine how your target audience searches, consumes information and processes transactions online
  • Organize research results and insights, and propose initial digital marketing approach
  • Receive feedback on the approach and align with in-house marketing and sales resources as well as technology


  • Use insights to create a strategic digital marketing plan, which includes the right mix of earned, paid and owned tactics
  • If needed, create a test-and-learn approach to determine the best experiences from the strategic plan
  • Develop personas to represent your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers
  • Create a customer journey map to show the critical points of influence, engagement and decision
  • Outline the ideal user experience from initial contact to final conversion
  • Develop a mood board to demonstrate the visual approach for the lead generation campaign
  • Create a messaging framework with the value propositions for prospects throughout every stage of the buyer journey
  • Align on budget and forecast potential results against target KPIs


  • Design visual assets and write messaging for each tactic, creating versions for each audience and marketing channel
  • Align creative to the customer journey and KPIs
  • Create or reconfigure paid and owned media accounts as well as marketing automation and CRM platforms for data capture and measurement across the customer experience
  • Implement measurement and analytics across the journey
  • Traffic creative to the appropriate channels
  • Review data and business results
  • Apply learnings to optimize and edit creative based on performance
  • Share tests, run, results, learnings and next steps with clients
  • Present final results and final projected forecast

We Specialize In Creating Custom, Results-Driven Strategies For Businesses

There’s no silver bullet to marketing. Our experience has uncovered that digital strategy is successful only when strategists, creatives, technologists and clients all work closely together. Tenlo is special because we push the boundaries of this tight integration. It allows us to provide full-funnel marketing and sales strategies that are customized for each individual client and their particular needs.

Custom Digital Marketing Services With Tenlo

Drive leads, sales and growth with strategic marketing that’s customized specifically for your business.

Pipeline Marketing Strategy

Pipeline marketing strategy is especially beneficial for B2B companies. We use integrated data from marketing and sales to identify the prospects most likely to purchase from you. Our services improve lead generation, shorten the sales cycle and result in higher customer lifetime value.

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Customer Retention Strategy

You invest time, effort and money to close sales. Customer retention strategy enables you retain as many of those customers as possible and use sales data to improve your marketing. Whether your goal is to increase order value, gain referrals, reduce churn or increase lifetime value, our strategic services help grow profitability.

Trade Show Marketing Strategy

Believe it or not, creating a booth is the easiest part of trade show marketing. Your pre-show and post-show tactics are what drive results. The right trade show marketing strategy guides prospects from that initial stage of awareness through final purchase, with systems in place to measure success.

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Digital Transformation Strategy

For marketers, digital transformation means optimizing marketing tools and digital channels to get the most value. We use data to continuously gain deeper insights and improve the marketing strategy. That results in better experiences for prospects and customers, which lead to higher revenue and growth.

Proving It - Digital Marketing Case Studies

Here are several case studies that provide a step-by-step break down of how we achieved success together thanks to our digital marketing strategy.

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