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Drive Growth with Digital Marketing in the Next Normal

Digital Readiness Playbook: Plan & Prepare For What’s Next

  • How can I quickly increase lead generation as businesses start to reopen?
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  • What can I do to defend my marketing budget and show a return on investment?
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  • Where should I allocate digital marketing budget to best support sales and conversion?
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  • How can I validate my current marketing and sales efforts or evolve them?

The global pandemic has drastically changed marketing and sales. Align your digital marketing tactics to your businesses goals with the Digital Readiness Playbook, so you can immediately get in front of ready-to-buy customers.

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Digital Readiness for Marketing Leaders with Aggressive Goals

Paused projects, budget cuts and remote work resulting from the global pandemic has changed marketing and sales forever. It’s not only had a profound impact on our customers and routes to market, for many businesses—especially foodservice, manufacturing, life sciences and medical devices—it’s even changed what they sell.

Marketers and sales teams have evolved, and in some cases, completely changed their focus to sustain business and align with the needs of their customers and supply chain. As a fellow B2B company, Tenlo has also evolved to serve the changing needs our clients. We’re using more agile methods to provide the deliverables, fast response and value that marketing and sales teams need right now.

We want to put our insights, strategic processes and agile approach to digital marketing to work for you—and get you ready for what comes next.

To get started, book a time slot. Then, an expert from Tenlo will talk with you for 1 hour (remotely, of course) to craft what “Readiness” looks like for your business.

How Do I Get Started?

Just sign up for an available time slot using the calendar below. We’ll ask you to answer a few questions about your company and goals to inform the research we’ll conduct ahead of our virtual Digital Readiness call.

Winning Numbers

  • 72% decrease in average cost-per-lead
  • 20-40 new marketing opportunities generated for clients, on average
  • 25+ digital marketing plans developed and executed per year