Episode 3

How to Validate New Products with Rapid Testing

  • How do I speed up our product innovation cycle?
  • trending_flat
  • How do I clearly articulate the product value to early adopters?
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  • How do I discover if people will actually buy this product?

Listen now to learn how to reduce the risks associated with bringing new products to market.

Make Your Product Idea Actually Happen

Hear how different companies – from startups to enterprises – traditionally validate and launch new-to-market products.

Gain great insights on what works, what doesn’t and where there are opportunities to improve the process. Also, learn ways to sell the idea of iterative testing to leadership at any business.

Brandon Cornuke, VP of Marketing at MAGNET, joins our host Tessa Burg, VP of UX & Technology Strategy at Tenlo, to share his experiences and tips.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Discovering who your customer is and what problem you're solving for them
  • Defining the value your product provides and how it needs to be positioned
  • Quickly learning if the assumptions you make are correct

“The future is bright for product innovators who embrace the idea of experimentation.”

Brandon Cornuke, VP of Marketing at MAGNET

Brandon draws from experiences as an entrepreneur, corporate innovator, strategist, negotiator, merchant and consultant to help people turn ideas into growing businesses.

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