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5 Data Exchanges Between Sales & Marketing To Increase Win Rates

5 Data Exchanges Between Sales & Marketing To Increase Win Rates

One Of The Biggest Challenges For B2B Marketers

In many B2B companies, the sales team doesn’t understand the value of digital marketing. More often than not, it’s because sales and marketing alignment isn’t happening. The teams are disconnected, work independently and don’t share the same goals.

Why Sales & Marketing Alignment Is So Important

Cold-calling and prospecting is a long, tedious process for the sales team. But sales and marketing alignment can make their job a whole lot easier. By exchanging the right data with the sales team, B2B marketers can improve lead generation, boost the volume of ready-to-buy customers and help the sales team win more customers—faster.

A Marketer’s Guide To Winning Over The Sales Team


To successfully capture leads that are in the market to buy and close those leads faster, there must be a regular exchange of data between marketing and sales. This guide can help your two teams work together toward the same goal.

Marketers Can Support The Sales Team By Using This Guide To:



important information and data that your sales team needs



valuable data so that it’s easy for the sales team to use



data between the sales and marketing teams using a proven process

Sales Acceleration

See how to close more sales faster with sales and marketing alignment using the proven process in our guide to regularly exchange data.

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