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The Magic of Pipeline Marketing


How to Close More High-Quality Clients — Faster

Tessa Burg, Chief Technology Officer
January 23, 2020

Close Sales Faster With Pipeline Marketing

Pipeline marketing is a B2B marketing strategy that uses integrated data from marketing and sales. It identifies the people most likely to purchase from you, improves lead generation, converts B2B prospects into customers faster and results in higher customer lifetime value.

Download our pipeline marketing guide to learn more about this B2B marketing approach, the step-by-step process to execute it, the marketing challenges it solves and more.

Topics Covered in This eBook

  • The Basics of Pipeline Marketing
  • Our Approach to Pipeline Marketing
  • Do These Challenges Sound Familiar
  • The Disruptive Power of Data
  • Why We Walk the Walk

Pipeline Marketing Guide

Close sales faster with higher value customers

In her previous role as Vice President of Technology, Tessa helped clients execute engaging, multi-platform experiences and products to bring their brands to life. Moving into her role as CTO, Tessa oversees Mod Op’s technology stack to ensure the agency is leveraging the right platforms to deliver valuable and measurable marketing communications, entertainment and experiences.

Tessa Burg, Chief Technology Officer

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