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Empowering The Sales Team With High-Quality Leads

Tenlo developed a digital marketing plan to help the Nestlé Professional Dispensed Beverage Sales Team place more CoolPro commercial juice dispensers in businesses. The plan differentiated and built preference for the CoolPro dispenser, plus captured and warmed high-quality leads to help Nestlé representatives close sales faster.



qualified phone calls via paid search phone number extension


high-quality leads captured

Download Case Study (PDF)



qualified phone calls via paid search phone number extension


high-quality leads captured

Download Case Study (PDF)

Targeting & Channel Strategy

Identified the segments with the highest propensity to buy and the channels where they were most likely to engage with product information

Creative Strategy

Developed and tested creative concepts designed to attract attention, differentiate the product and build brand preference

Lead Capture

Drove potential customers to a landing page where they were motivated to request a consultation from a sales representative

The Challenge

Build preference for the Nestlé CoolPro commercial juice dispenser

Supply high-quality leads for sales team follow-up

Help sales team secure machine placements from Q2 through Q4

Strategic Process

Quantify Relevant Awareness

Translated our client’s prospect list and ideal buyer segments into highly effective, advanced targeting structures in our key social channels

Map Points of Influence

Tested LinkedIn and paid search ads to identify where audience segments were most likely to engage with information about the product

Prove Your Business Value

Tested emotional- and rational-based creative to clearly communicate the product value and determine what motivates the target audience to request a product consultation

Align Tactics to Sales Funnel

Captured interested buyers through paid search and emails; drove prospects to a landing page experience where they could request a product consultation

Rapidly Execute, Test & Analyze

Developed the plan, tested the creative and channels, and scaled the highest performers

The highly targeted campaign and a test-and-learn approach contributed to machine placements by the sales team. As a result, the client extended the most successful aspects of the campaign to capitalize on the momentum.

Campaign Extension Results

The more fields on a form, the less likely people will complete it. Due to client legal requirements, the CoolPro form had whopping 12 required fields! To overcome this challenge, we tested LinkedIn Lead Generation ads that auto-filled the information from the user’s LinkedIn account. This test alone increased leads 68% within a one-month period.

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